“Unison” is a musical term that means “all playing the same tune.” Like an orchestra layering many instruments and sounds to create a beautiful melody, we look to work in harmony with our portfolio companies to support their growth. Our philosophy is that companies can achieve a new growth trajectory when management, employees and shareholders share the same values and work towards a common goal.

Guiding Principles

Established at the time of Unison Capital’s inception, the Guiding Principles are at the core of our work as investors.


Profits are a key to our success. We seek to maximize long-term returns for the company, shareholders, employees and clients—at the expense of short-term profits if necessary.

While we rigorously pursue profitable opportunities, we aim to make an impact on the business community we are involved in. We seek to create business transactions which have value not only to ourselves but also to society.


Partnership is a basic premise of our business. We share benefits generated by the company equitably among shareholders and employees.

We are a team seeking common goals, not individuals’ ones.

We conduct business in a first class manner. Integrity, sound judgement and professionalism enable us to earn respect and to establish an excellent reputation.

Trust is essential to all relationships, both internal and external. In everything we do, we do not compromise to risk this most important element of any relationship.

We are hard working but not at the expense of our families or personal lives.

We believe in building our business and reputation one transaction, one client at a time. Care and professionalism should be extended to everyone we deal with.

We strive to achieve transparency in everything we do. Complete and timely disclosure is vital to our business.

We believe in having fun at work!


1998 Unison Capital established
1999 Fund I closed (38 billion yen)
2004 Fund II closed (75 billion yen)
2007 Stand-By Facility closed (60 billion yen)
2009 Fund III closed (140 billion yen)
2014 UCK Partners established
2015 Fund I (Korea) closed (308 billion won)
Fund IV closed (70 billion yen)
2019 Fund II (Korea) closed (500 billion won)
2021 Fund V closed (71 billion yen)
2022 Co-Investment Fund closed (30 billion yen)


Focus Sectors

Leveraging over two decades of accumulated networks and industrial expertise, Unison Capital invests in and supports the growth of primarily mid-cap companies in the following industrial sectors.



B2B Services


Unison Capital takes diverse, tailored approaches to supporting each of its portfolio companies. Some key approaches include strengthening management, revisiting business strategies, providing necessary funds and resources, digital innovation, as well as aiming to create better environments for both portfolio companies and their periphery through a commitment to ESG initiatives.






Unison Capital is headed by 10 partners.


Tatsuya Hayashi

Founding Partner and Representative Director of Unison Capital, Inc. Extensive investment experience in consumer, healthcare, and other sectors. Served as Chairman of Japan Private Equity Association between 2021 to 2023. Previously engaged in investment banking activities at Goldman Sachs.

Tatsuo Kawasaki

Founding Partner and Representative Director of Unison Capital, Inc. Extensive investment experience in consumer, B2B services and other sectors. Previously worked at Goldman Sachs, McKinsey and NextCard, an internet start-up in the U.S.

Osamu Yamamoto

CEO of Unison Capital Management Pte. Ltd. based in Singapore. Engaged in developing new business opportunities related to Southeast Asia and India for both the Unison Group and its portfolio companies. Previously worked at Sanwa Bank and McKinsey.

Teppei J. Kono

Leads Unison’s IR-related activities. Extensive investment experience in consumer and other sectors in both Japan and Korea. Founding member of Unison’s Seoul office. Previously worked at Merrill Lynch, engaged in M&A advisory.

Hitoshi Yamaguchi

Oversees Unison Capital Group’s financial, operations and fund administration functions. Previously worked for a U.S.-based real estate investment fund, engaged in structured finance and IPO support for REITs.

Soomin Kim

Extensive investment experience through managing Unison’s Korea funds. Founding member of Unison’s Seoul office. Previously worked at Goldman Sachs and Bain & Company, engaged in private equity and M&A-related advisory and consulting.

Seungwoong Gwak

Extensive investment experience through managing Unison’s Korea funds. Previously worked at Bain & Company, engaged in M&A-related consulting.

Sunwha Shin

Extensive investment experience through managing Unison’s Korea funds. Previously worked at McKinsey and Goldman Sachs, engaged in consulting and M&A advisory.

Junko Katayanagi

Extensive investment experience in healthcare and other sectors. Previously worked at Morgan Stanley, engaged in corporate finance and M&A advisory.

Tsutomu Kunisawa

CEO of CHCP. Extensive investment experience in healthcare. Previously worked at Mitsubishi Corporation, Boston Consulting Group, the Development Bank of Japan and the Regional Economy Vitalization Corporation of Japan engaged in finance and investment activities.