Unison Capital and NIIF Announce Formation of NIIF/Unison Alliance

Bridging Japanese Long-Term Capital and Indian PE Investment Opportunities

  Unison Capital and the National Investment and Infrastructure Fund of India (NIIF) have today announced formation of NIIF/Unison alliance to bridge long-term capital and Indian PE investment opportunities with strong emphasis on ESG and Digitalization.

  NIIF/Unison alliance’s goal is to raise significant amount of capital from Unison-led investors in Japan to invest in top-tier Indian GPs in different asset classes (i.e., Buyout, Growth Capital, Early-Stage VC) in the form of Fund of Funds (Primary) and Co-investment Fund (Secondary and co-investment).

Osamu Yamamoto, CEO, Unison Capital Management Pte. Ltd., said “Unison Capital has been paying special attention to the developments of Indian PE market over the years and we are fully convinced that Japanese long-term strategic and financial investors should be the beneficiary of this developments. The accelerated pace of Digitalization in India is a tremendous opportunity. We are proud to partner with NIIF to achieve this goal”.

Sujoy Bose, Managing Director & CEO, NIIF, said “The Indian PE market is on the rise and has demonstrated significant growth and creation of both financial and social impact. NIIF is keen to raise long-term capital from Japan and to partner with Japanese investors for PE investments in India. Our focus on ESG will provide comfort to Japanese investors and be further enhanced with the participation of Japanese capital. We are pleased to be partnering with Unison Capital to raise significant amount of capital from investors in Japan, leveraging Unison’s eco-system in both private and public sectors.”

About Unison Capital: Unison Capital is a private equity firm based in Japan, Korea and in Singapore. Unison is pioneer of mid-cap buyout in Japan / Korea. Unison’s cumulative AUM is c. $4bn across four Japan-focused / two Korea-focused funds. Unison has 10 partners with close working relation dating back to 1998.

About NIIF: National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF) is a collaborative investment platform for international and Indian investors, anchored by the Government of India. NIIF invests across asset classes such as infrastructure, private equity and other diversified sectors in India, with the objective to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for its investors. NIIF thinks long-term, believes in generating returns through efficiently operating its investments across economic cycles, and is committed to sustainable investing principles.

  NIIF manages over USD 4.5 billion of equity capital commitments across its three funds – Master Fund, Fund of Funds and Strategic Opportunities Fund, each with its distinct investment strategy. NIIF Master Fund primarily invests in operating assets in core infrastructure sectors such as transportation and energy. NIIF Fund of Funds invests in funds managed by best-in-class fund managers focused on some of the most dynamic sectors in India such as climate infrastructure, middle-income & affordable housing, digital consumer platforms and other allied sectors. NIIF Strategic Opportunities Fund is a Private Equity fund that invests in large, scalable businesses that are fundamental, strategic, and key enablers to the India growth story.
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