Notice Regarding Acquisition of Kids Corporation Holdings Inc.

It is with great pleasure to announce that on July 29, 2022, Unison Capital Partners V, LPS and Unison Capital Partners V(J), L.P. (collectively, “Unison”) have completed the acquisition of Kids Corporation Holdings Inc. (“Kids Corporation Holdings”), a holding company which owns Kids Corporation Inc. (“Kids Corporation”) and e-CHANNEL Inc. (“e-CHANNEL”).

Founded in 1993, Kids Corporation is a childcare service company which operates 213 outsourced hospital/corporate onsite daycare facilities nationwide and 21 government-licensed nurseries primarily in Tokyo, while e-CHANNEL operates “Hoiku-is”, a childcare worker information portal site, and “Hoiten Search”, a HR service provider site. Furthermore, subsidiaries of Kids Corporation Holdings run childcare services in China and Singapore.

Demand for childcare services is projected to continue growing in Japan due to the rising number of dual income households. In addition, corporations face increasing needs around flexible childcare services to address employee recruitment/retention issues. Under such circumstances, the Kids Corporation group is expected to play an increasingly important role as a childcare solution provider. Unison aims to support the group’s growth by strengthening its corporate infrastructure.